[Deploying Sakai] I found a DEMO version, is there a full version

Michael Korcuska mkorcuska at sakaifoundation.org
Thu Nov 12 06:50:51 PST 2009

The Demo version is no different in terms of features and functions  
than the other versions available.  They are based on the same Sakai  
The differences are a matter of the production environment. From our  

Demo: The Sakai Demo is a pre-built version of Sakai with Apache  
Tomcat and a simple configuration, perfect for a quick and easy demo  
of Sakai. The Sakai demo is NOT intended for large scale  
implementations. It is suitable only for evaluating the software and  
running small pilot implementations on a single server.

For example, in the demo version files are stored in the database and  
not in the file system (not typical for production implementations)  
and it doesn't use a production database (it uses an in-memory  

Sakai is always free and open source.


On Nov 12, 2009, at 02:12, Andrew Harvey wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm new to Sakai, and I wanted to download and deploy Sakai.
> in the Download area, I found a DEMO version of Sakai to be  
> downloaded, I think this is OK for testing purpose, but I want know:
> - is there a full version?
> - is it an open source "free"? or, there is a fee for that.
> - how can I get this full version?
> thanks in advance for help
> Regards,
> Andrew Harvey
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