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Michael Korcuska mkorcuska at sakaifoundation.org
Tue Nov 10 08:58:38 PST 2009

FWIW, we are planning on a normal 2.7.0 that will be "monolithic".  It  
will be built on top of some of these separate pieces but we're not  
planning on solely a "construct it yourself" approach.  What happens  
after that point is certainly up for discussion. I personally like the  
idea of letting tools evolve independently and occasionally grabbing  
the latest stable versions into a monolithic release when it makes  
sense. But I don't have to deploy Sakai on my campus.


On Nov 10, 2009, at 08:41, Mark Norton wrote:

> Seth Theriault wrote:
>> Another observation is that the semi-rapid movement from a
>> monolithic release (2.5) to a separated release (2.6 + K1) to a
>> more modular bundle (2.7 + K1 + "independents") may be leaving
>> some people in the dust. That's my main thrust here.
> There was talk at one point about creating identified monolithic  
> builds
> after most of the major tools in Sakai were made independent.   
> Having a
> simple way to build Sakai with Samigo automatically include (or  
> similar
> builds) is a desirable thing.  That said, I don't think we are at the
> point of creating these custom aggregate builds.  We need to get the
> independent pieces settled before they can be used (easily) to make
> larger structures.
> - Mark Norton
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