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We use Adobe Flash Media Server (FMS) for streaming video. It works well for us. To include streaming video in Sakai courses you just use links to the Flash server.

FMS isn’t free, but I would think this would be a more efficient solution than trying to publish video from Sakai/Tomcat. You would potentially use up a lot of your Sakai server i/o capacity serving media files.

We developed a custom, branded Flash video player to deliver the files from FMS. It incorporates some accessibility features. Here’s a sample:


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Hello Everyone,

We are in the process of transitioning from Blackboard to Sakai this year, and we are starting to have more interest from faculty in using video within Sakai.  We are interested in creating a video streaming server to make the whole process easier in Sakai.  I’m just wondering if anyone had any input on which direction to go and which products to use.  We are leaning towards testing Adobe Flash Server right now, but I’d love to hear some other points of view on how this could go.  Specifically, we are also looking at having a web front-end on our server, so that it could be self-service for the faculty.  Any information or suggestions would be appreciated.

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