[Deploying Sakai] database connections disappearing

R.P. Aditya rpaditya at umich.edu
Sun Nov 1 17:37:29 PST 2009

On 2009-10-30, Charles Hedrick <hedrick at rutgers.edu> wrote:
> Since we moved from 2.5 to 2.6 I've been seeing databaSe connections  
> disappear. We start out with 300. We have set up dbcp to keep a  
> constant 300. However over time we start building up connections that  

I wonder if this is a Mysql JDBC driver issue, because with Oracle,
granted with only 50 connections on 6 appservers, we're not seeing any
leaks, but we do restart the JVM weekly.

I've been polling Sakai every minute to see the instantaneous pool usage
over the last several weeks for our production installation and here's
the result:


when things are humming along, it is quite boring to look at :-)


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