[WG: Production / Deploying Sakai] Sakai 2.4.x End-of-Life?

Knoop, Peter knoop at umich.edu
Wed Mar 18 11:58:44 PDT 2009

Sakai 2.4.0 was released in May 2007 with a goal of two-years of maintenance support for the Sakai 2.4 series.  We are nearing the end of that period, so I would like to take a brief poll of those institutions that are still running Sakai 2.4 in production to find out what your plans are for the future (see below.)

We have not had the resources to make regular maintenance releases, however, as we have been able to do for Sakai 2.5, so those with Sakai 2.4 deployed have had to follow the 2.4.x maintenance branch for patches.  Soo Kim, Steve Githens and Steve Swinsburg are currently serving as the volunteer branch managers, merging applicable bug fixes developed for more recent versions of Sakai back to 2.4.x.  (Thanks, guys!)  If there is sufficient interest, and volunteers from the community continue to help out, then 2.4.x maintenance branch can likely be supported in an unofficial capacity past the original two-year goal. 

It is important to note, however, that as Sakai continues to evolve and move forward it becomes more difficult to merge patches back to the 2.4.x maintenance branch.  There are already some bug fixes that cannot be applied to 2.4.x, as the Sakai codebase has changed too dramatically over time, and the resources have not been available to develop 2.4-specific versions of those patches.  At some point it will become too difficult for the resources available to address bugs in the 2.4.x maintenance branch, and the Sakai 2.4 series will have to be retired.

So, if you're currently running Sakai 2.4, here's a quick poll:

1) What version of Sakai 2.4 are you running?

a) 2.4.0
b) 2.4.1
c) 2.4.0 or 2.4.1, plus patches pulled form the 2.4.x maintenance branch
d) the head of the 2.4.x maintenance branch

2) When do you plan to upgrade to a newer version of Sakai?

3) To what version of Sakai do you plan to upgrade?

Thanks for your feedback!

Sakai Project Coordinator

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