[WG: Production / Deploying Sakai] Collab Email List Status

Knoop, Peter knoop at umich.edu
Thu Mar 5 08:42:39 PST 2009

The old content will be available soon, if not already, at http://collab-sakai.sakaiproject.org/portal.


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Subject: RE: Collab Email List Status

Knoop, Peter wrote:

> We do still plan on migrating to a list serve this week
> though.  UHI has graciously hosted Collab for the community
> for awhile now, however, they need to contribute elsewhere
> these days.  So rather than looking for another volunteer to
> host Collab immediately, we are going to temporarily use the
> list serve approach, while we await the earlier adopters
> release of Sakai 3.0 mid-year.  Once that is out, then we
> plan to centralize and replace the currently dual roles of
> Collab and sakaiproject.org with a single Sakai instance to
> support many of the community's collaboration infrastructure
> needs.

Does this mean that Web access to Collab will be unavailable
until "mid-year"? Collab has some other important stuff on it
than just the mailing lists.


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