[Deploying Sakai] Converting Oracle LONGs to LOBs?

Michael Appleby michael.appleby at yale.edu
Mon Jun 1 11:24:15 PDT 2009

Is there any downside to converting only a single table 
(MAILARCHIVE_MESSAGE)?   We are seeing ORA-22295 coming from the Email 
Archive in the 2.6 code that we just put into production.   The existing 
XML column is LONG but the newly added BODY column is a CLOB.  

I've created an issue for this ( SAK-16463 ).


Adams, David wrote:
> Hello,
> We've recently run into an Oracle error where updating a table
> (METAOBJ_FORM_DEF) with both a LONG and a LOB field using over 4k of
> data triggers an Oracle exception (ORA-22295[1]). This problem was
> reported in SAK-12914[2] but hasn't been resolved. Our DBAs have been
> bugging us to find a way to get rid of the LONG columns anyway, as they
> complicate management of backups and other processes.
> Folks from Michigan have mentioned in various places that they have
> converted at least some of their LONG columns to LOBs. I was wondering
> if they or anyone else could post (or point me to) the steps they took
> to do the conversion, and if any code changes were necessary. And is
> there any movement on getting rid of the LONG fields in the Sakai
> source?
> Thanks!
> -dave
> [1] http://www.error-code.org.uk/view.asp?e=ORACLE-ORA-22295
> [2] http://jira.sakaiproject.org/jira/browse/SAK-12914
> David Adams
> Director of Learning Systems Integration and Support
> Virginia Tech Learning Technologies


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