[Deploying Sakai] Assignment tool multiple Turn-it-in uploads

Nico Oosthuizen Nico.Oosthuizen at nwu.ac.za
Wed Jul 29 07:07:51 PDT 2009


I hope I'm posting my Question on the right site...

I'd like to find out if anyone has had experience with multiple Turn-it-in uploads of assignments that have been submitted by students.

A scenario:
The assignment tool that we are using gives each lecturer the option to submit the each document to the review service (Turn-it-in).  The option is disable the first year.  The next year he/she decides to enable this option but no assignments for the specific class have been submitted previously.

Can one upload the documents directly via the assignment tool (or is there another way) in order to check plagiarism of the previous year's reports?

Thank you 

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