[Deploying Sakai] CM API Integration with Banner

Nathan Finley nfinley at pacific.edu
Tue Jul 14 10:10:14 PDT 2009


We are in the process of integrating our Sakai instance with our Banner
system using the CM API.  In the process of trying to create our csv files
from Banner, we are running into some questions about field mapping.  Does
anyone have a cross-walk document that would help explaining the mapping of
fields from Banner to the CM API?  If you are willing to share that with us,
that would be much appreciated.  Feel free to contact me off list.

Nathan Finley
Blackboard Administrator
University of the Pacific
Email: nfinley at pacific.edu
Phone: 209.946.7669

Blackboard Support
Email: blackboard at pacific.edu
Phone: 209.946.2147

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