[Deploying Sakai] STATUS UPDATE: Sakai Jira and Confluence Migration

Knoop, Peter knoop at umich.edu
Thu Jul 2 06:53:36 PDT 2009


Jira is up and running, however, work is still ongoing with the Subversion Plug-in and redirects causing multiple logins.  Also, several folks have noticed the Filter list on the Dashboard is now handled differently in this version of Jira (see below).  

* Subversion Plug-in -- This should get fixed in by later this week.  In the meantime, if you have noticed any Jira Key typos in your svn commit messages, then now's a good time to correct them, so the changes get picked up when the initial index is built :)

* Multiple Logins Required -- If you are logged into Jira, but then bring up a page via a URL that uses one of the alternative names (e.g., jira, bugs, issues), then you are asked to login again.  Hopefully this can be addressed with better handling of the redirects on the new system.  (If you are using the "Remember my login on this computer" checkbox, right beneath the username/password fields, then once you've logged in for each of the three aliases you should not need to do it again.)

* Jira Filters on your Dashboard -- As this is a slightly newer version of Jira, there are also some minor UI changes.  For instance, the long list of Jira filters is no longer displayed on your Dashboard.  Instead, you'll see a widget listing your Favourite Filters.  You can flag filters as favourites by clicking on the "Manage Filters" link at the top of that widget, then search for the filter in which you are interested, and click on the favourite star in front (the star will turn from grey to yellow; uncheck the star to remove a filter from your favourites).  If you want to see the complete list of available filters, then just leave the parameters blank and hit the Search button.  (Note that the more filters you add, the slower your Dashboard will load.)

If you notice anything else out of the ordinary with Jira as of now, then please let jira-admins at collab.sakaiproject.org know.


Problems arose during yesterdays migration of the personal spaces, and none have been loaded successfully yet.  Hopefully that problem can be addressed by later today.

All content, including personal spaces, are still available as a read-only snapshot from Monday morning on the old server at this URL:


If you notice anything else out of the ordinary with Confluence as of now, then please let confluence-admins at collab.sakaiproject.org know.

Sakai Project Coordinator

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