[Deploying Sakai] Unable to remove multiple instances of a resource in 2.5.x

John Leasia jleasia at umich.edu
Tue Aug 18 15:25:32 PDT 2009

I wonder what the timestamps are showing on the multiple copies - is 
each set n minutes apart from the previous one? For us, occasionally we 
run into this (n = 3 min when it happens). A lengthy operation - 
uploading lots of files, or sending an announcement in a site with lots 
of users - seems to cause the problem.


Chris Woods wrote:

>Noah and Steve,
>Thanks for the suggestions and backgroudn info but the trouble is 
>apparently not so easily remedied.
>A few more details:
>There are six instances of the folder I attempted to upload via webdav. 
>Not sure how six identical instances came to be but there it is. 
>Subfolders also multiplied by a factor of six and so on. If I change the 
>name of instance 1 the names of instances 2 through 6 change as well. 
>This is not, as I understand it, normal resource tool behavior.
>The resources tool will not allow removal one-by-one or as a group 
>because it claims I do not have the required permissions although it 
>shows the folders belong to me, etc.
>I work off a Kubuntu Linux laptop and used webdav in Konqueror 
>initially. Suspecting that my webdav client might be to blame I used my 
>Windows machine to attempt to remove the folders via webdav. I 
>cheerfully reported that the folders were deleted - hurrah! Only when I 
>logged back into Sakai all six remain.
>So how to get rid of these? Where are they physically on the system? In 
>the FS or the DB? Can I delete them manually somehow?
>Noah Botimer wrote:
>>Hello Chris,
>>Dodgy is probably the right word for WebDAV behavior in 2.5.x. WebDAV 
>>in general is an unfortunately regularly moving target. It's also a 
>>bit flaky to delete nested collections of Resources.
>>If you use the Resources tool and try to delete a tree of folders, you 
>>should be prompted if you want to delete everything inside. However, 
>>you will sometimes need to do this on the same folder a number of 
>>times, in my experience.
>>Depending on your platform, you may have better success in deleting 
>>them again via WebDAV, but that sounds like what's giving you trouble. 
>>If you're using a Mac, Cyberduck seems to handle this kind of thing 
>>pretty well.
>>Sorry that you've had some trouble.
>>On Aug 18, 2009, at 2:53 PM, Chris Woods wrote:
>>>Hi Folks,
>>>While installing page-composer for OSP I used webdav to upload a folder
>>>to Portfolio Admin Resources. Somehow -- I suspect a dodgy wifi
>>>connection that stopped and started the process several times -- I wound
>>>up with about 8 instances of the folder I was uploading. I'm reasonably
>>>certain that Sakai is regarding all 8 as being one and the same as what
>>>I do to one affects all the others. Thing is I cannot remove them
>>>despite the permissions being correct. Is there a way to remove
>>>resources from the command line or some other behind the scenes method?
>>>Also has anyone experienced similar behavior and know its cause? Thanks
>>>very much.
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