[Deploying Sakai] Maven hangs with "WAGON_VERSION: 1.0-beta-2"

Anthony Whyte arwhyte at umich.edu
Fri Apr 10 06:14:22 PDT 2009

Paul--Sakai 2.5.4 tag and artifacts were built using Maven 2.0.8  
(2.0.6+ is the recommended version).  So far as I am aware you are  
the first to try and build it using Maven 2.1.0.  Can you back out  
your Maven install and use instead Maven 2.0.10 or 2.0.8 available  
from the archives.





On Apr 10, 2009, at 3:13 AM, Paul Gibbs wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm trying to install Sakai. I have installed JDK 1.5 update 18,  
> Tomcat 5.5, Maven 2.1.0, and all successfully give me version  
> listings. I have set my variables per the 2.5 install guide (http:// 
> confluence.sakaiproject.org/confluence/display/DOC/Install+Guide+- 
> +Source+Install+%282.5%29) and downloaded sakai-2-5-4 through SVN.  
> I went and successfully ran Maven on the sakai/master/pom.xml. When  
> I back out to sakai/ and run Maven, it spits out a bunch of "[INFO]  
> Somethingsomething" lines and then says
> WAGON_VERSION: 1.0-beta-2
> Nothing else happens after that. Although the CPU is chugging away,  
> disk usage is close to nothing. Does anyone have any idea  
> whatsoever as to what might be going on? Or at least perhaps point  
> me in the right direction? (I don't even know what this means, much  
> less how to troubleshoot it.) I'm hoping someone here can help  
> me...I've been at this for days now. (!)
> Thank you!
> Paul Gibbs
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