[Portfolio] Sakai Wiki Future webinar

Neal Caidin neal.caidin at apereo.org
Fri Jan 23 10:30:52 PST 2015

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 4, 12 pm Eastern/ 9 am Pacific/ 5
pm GMT

There has been a lot of discussion about the Sakai wiki and the consensus
seems to be that it is a valuable tool, but needs improvement. Our goal is
to make the Sakai wiki experience more in line with improvements happening
in the rest of Sakai and more sustainable and manageable for our
development community.

Do IMS LTI choices provide the answer and flexibility for institutions to
choose their own wiki?
Or should we standardize on an LTI wiki and extend it to best meet the
functional needs of our community?
What other options do we have?
How do we make this happen?

Please join in a community conversation. For the first 30 minutes we will
review the discussions which have happened around the wiki to-date,
community use cases, and an experimental LTI integration with xWiki, a
robust open source wiki project with it's own community. For the final 30
minutes we are looking for a discussion, to make sure we are asking the
right questions and exploring next steps.

If the future of the Sakai wiki is important to you or your institution,
please join us for this informative and interactive session.

Login information available at

No pre-registration is required.
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