[Portfolio] T&L Meeting Wednesday, January 14th

Hunger, Gail M. (gmh6w) gmh6w at eservices.virginia.edu
Thu Jan 8 08:09:26 PST 2015

Hi Everyone,

We will have our meeting on Wednesday, January 14th from 10:00-11:00 EST.
  Dial-in information and access to Etherpad for notetaking is at:

Updates from STEP, LEAP, and/or rWiki projects, as available - Neal, ?
* TWSIA, OpenApereo announcements, proposals (solicit partners for presentation panels?)
* Discussion: Best ways to solicit topics for future meetings? - all
* Discussion: Future meeting formats/platforms - all
** etherpad/big blue button/etc
** Weekly "show & tell" demos?
* Demo of the week: iSyllabus functionality (we'll need BBB for this - can you (Neal) set this up?) - Trisha (15-20ish min)
* Open forum – all

Gail Hunger, EdD
Technology Strategies
College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
University of Virginia

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