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janice.smith janice.smith at threecanoes.com
Sun Apr 26 15:12:44 PDT 2015

   Hello Sakai Portfolio Community

The Sakai Portfolio list has been an effective communication tool for portfolio users in Sakai. With the move to Apereo, it is time to upgrade the Sakai Portfolio list to an Apereo Portfolio list. You are receiving this message from the Sakai Collab email list, portfolio at collab.sakaiproject.org. This list has been moved into a new Apereo Google group, portfolio at apereo.org.   
 You should already be subscribed to the new list, and should shortly receive an email from me to the portfolio at apereo.org list. If you don't receive that message, either subscribe to the list manually or let me know if I can help (see my contact information in my signature below). 
 Your digest setting was preserved as your account was moved.
 Online Access and Subscribing (see below for numbered links):
 You can visit the group online directly [1]. You can browse without logging in, and you can subscribe with a Google account. You can subscribe to the list with or without a Google account [2]. 
 Also a couple of other notes
 You can go to http://groups.apereo.org for general access to all your Apereo groups, and browse/subscribe to new lists there. Neal Caidin has started a one page Confluence document to keep track of listserv migrations and provide an overview of the purposes of the lists. [3]  
 Old Email Archives
 The Apereo Foundation plans to preserve the old email archives. That process is underway but may take a month or so to work out the details. Stay tuned.
 [1] Browse and post directly online - https://groups.google.com/a/apereo.org/d/forum/portfolio
 [2] Subscribe to the list (you should already be subscribed, but just in case) by sending email to portfolio+subscribe at apereo.org. To unsubscribe send an email to portfolio+unsubscribe at apereo.org
 [3] Overview of migration status  - https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/PMC/Sakai+email+lists

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