[Portfolio] Sign up! Usability testing sessions at the Sakai Virtual Conference!

Wilma Hodges wilma at longsight.com
Mon Oct 6 07:50:46 PDT 2014

The Sakai Virtual Conference will be featuring a User Experience (UX) track
where we will be conducting live, remote usability testing during the
conference. This is a great opportunity to experience usability testing
first hand and share your impressions and opinions about Sakai interface
design with experts and end users alike.

The goals for the UX track are to raise awareness about the importance of
usability testing in software development, to encourage community
participation in the UX process, and to provide a forum for end users and
developers to communicate and collaborate with one another on Sakai feature

Each usability test will include a 20 minute one-on-one session. You will
be asked to complete several tasks and give honest, open feedback.
Participants will complete one test.

We need both participants and observers for our usability sessions!


   Participants should be end-users, such as faculty and students. No
   programming or usability testing experience required! Just be you! (Please
   note that virtual conference registration is required for participants.)

   Observers should be Sakai developers, instructional designers, or
   individuals involved with feature development, such as project managers and
   user interface designers. Each session will be scripted and run by an
   experienced UX facilitator, but we’d like to have experts observing each
   session to get a more complete picture of the trends and issues that
   surface during testing. Observers may be asked to take notes.

FAQ's for Usability Testing:

What is a usability test?

According to Wikipedia <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usability_testing>,
“Usability testing is a technique used in user-centered interaction design
to evaluate a product by testing it on users.” What does this mean? You get
a chance to use a product and make suggestions for changes. The information
collected during an usability test enables a product or service to add
improvements/modifications to make the service or product better. Usability
tests also discuss the positive and negative of a service/product and ways
to improve it for the consumer/user.

What am I expected to do?

Answer questions honestly. We welcome your input. We would like to have a
balance between positive feedback as well as constructive criticism and

Why can’t I just fill out a survey?

While surveys are an effective way to collect information, they can lack
personal anecdotes and useful discussion. In addition, once you do the
usability test, you do not have to worry about reminder emails filling up
your mailbox!

Hurry, usability testing time slots are limited (and fun!), so don’t
delay. Click
here to sign up now


Neal Caidin, Sakai Community Coordinator, Apereo Foundation
Wilma Hodges, Sakai Virtual Conference 2014 Planning Committee Chair
Dede Hourican, UX Track Sub-Committee Member
Luisa Li, UX Track Sub-Committee Member
Mark Reilly, UX Track Sub-Committee Member
Francesca Socolick, UX Track Sub-Committee Member
Ian Dolphin, Executive Director, Apereo Foundation
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