[Portfolio] Today's Sakai T&L Call

Trisha Gordon psg3a at virginia.edu
Wed Jul 16 10:14:53 PDT 2014

Good afternoon, All,

Today's Teaching and Learning call will start at 2pm and feature a live 
presentation by Aurora Collado at NYU. To accommodate a live demo, we 
will be joining a virtual Blackboard Collaborate (aka Elluminate) 
session- click this link to join the session:


If this is your first time joining a Blackboard Collaborate session, you 
may want to take a moment to first visit the vendor's website to verify 
your system meets minimum requirements:


After joining our meeting session, you can either use the built-in VoIP 
capabilities in session for audio or phone-in for audio to:

    571-392-7703 and enter *PIN*685 049 057 084.

Meeting notes can be captured on Etherpad 
(http://etherpad.ctools.org/p/tl2014July16), so at least the note taker 
should also log in there.

See you shortly!
Trisha Gordon
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