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Fri Feb 28 12:24:12 PST 2014

Greetings colleagues; 
Please continue to promote the annual Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award (TWSIA) competition to the faculty at your institution! 
The award recognizes innovation and excellence in technology-supported teaching, academic collaboration, and student engagement. 
Entries are now being accepted on the Apereo Foundation site at: http://www.apereo.org/twsia. 
The closing date for entries is April 4, 2014. Winners will be notified in early May 2014 and receive recognition at the Open Apereo Conference, June 1-4, 2014, in Miami, Florida, and in a variety of media. A limited amount of funding will be available to support a portion of each winner's travel to the conference. 
We thank our sponsor Asahi Net International (ANI) for their continuing support of the Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award. 


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