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Very cool. Nice work Josh.



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On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 11:34 AM, Josh Baron <Josh.Baron at marist.edu> wrote:

> I thought some might be interested in this story in Campus Technology that
> speaks to the work Marist is doing to leverage both Sakai and OAE to create
> our "Academic Community Cloud".
> http://campustechnology.com/articles/2014/02/14/marist-launches-the-fold-online-learning-community.aspx?m=2
> Below is a related press release that includes links (scroll to the end)
> to examples of student work in OAE and to where people can register for our
> student-developed MOOC which will be run using Sakai.
> *Online Learning Gets Fashionable:*
> *Marist College launches The FOLD at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Using
> Open-Source Software from the Apereo Foundation*
> *First-of-its-kind, student-driven online collaborative learning
> environment** for all things fashion launches at MaristXOXBetsey show,
> Fashion Week collaboration between Marist and design icon Betsey Johnson*
> *New York *(Feb. 12, 2014) - *Marist College* has extended its leadership
> in educational technology with the launch of *The FOLD*, a
> student-driven, collaborative online learning resource for all things
> fashion, which is leveraging the power of two Apereo Foundation projects,
> Sakai and the Open Academic Environment (OAE), as part of the institution's
> strategic Academic Community Cloud initiative.
> "Marist has been a leader in distance education for over a decade, yet we
> are constantly challenging ourselves to innovate these programs," said *Bill
> Thirsk, Marist Vice President of Information Technology and CIO*. "We
> believe that the Academic Community Cloud concept will allow us to take the
> next major evolutionary step forward in online learning by going beyond
> providing a platform for outstanding courses, which Sakai has given us for
> many years, to bringing our entire academic community of scholars,
> educators, and students online, as well."
> The Academic Community Cloud (ACC), which is being piloted by a number of
> the college's Centers of Excellence --  including fashion, enterprise
> computing, and the Ray Rich Leadership Institute --  uses the Sakai
> open-source learning management system to support a range of formal online
> learning experiences, from small seminars to Massive Open Online Courses
> (MOOCs).  At the same time, the ACC is leveraging the Open Academic
> Environment (OAE) to support more informal academic collaboration of the
> sort that has traditionally taken place on campus (e.g. research teams,
> student organizations, study groups, etc.), but which has been largely
> absent from online learning programs.
> "The ability for users of OAE to control whether content and interactions
> are shared with just their group, the entire institution, across
> institutions, or even with the world is extremely powerful from a community
> building and collaboration perspective," said *Josh Baron, Marist Senior
> Academic Technology Officer* and member of the Apereo Foundation Board of
> Directors. "*The FOLD* (Fashion Online Learning Domain) is a great
> example of how this new ability to support academic collaboration at a
> global scale is allowing Marist students to gain real world learning
> experiences through engagement with their peers, professionals, and
> scholars in the fashion industry."
> With *The FOLD*, Marist's renowned Fashion Program is taking full
> advantage of the college's leading-edge technology platform and recognized
> expertise in academic technology to provide to students around the world
> interested in all facets of the fashion industry:
>    - A student-driven, academic fashion community available to anyone
>    anywhere
>    - Free online mini-courses for the fashion-minded student or
>    professional
>    - The first peer-to-peer online course about fashion trend forecasting
>    "developed by students for students"
>    - Insider's view on everything Fashion at Marist and far beyond
> The FOLD builds on earlier pilots that were implemented last semester as
> part of the "Fashion in the Cloud" course taught by *Radley Cramer,
> Director of the Marist Fashion Program*, and*Melissa Halvorson, a
> Professional Lecturer* in the Fashion Program.  As part of this course,
> students studying abroad used OAE to share photos of street trends they
> were observing around the world and then engage in a global dialog about
> them.  "It was thrilling to see our fashion students using OAE to engage in
> the real world experience of observing, recording, and sharing street
> trends from Hong Kong, London, Paris, and New York," said Cramer. "Given
> the success of this initial pilot, we are tremendously excited about the
> launch of *The FOLD* and the chance to scale up this work."
> *To see examples of the street trends students identify using OAE from the
> fall course go to:* *https://thefold.oaeproject.org/search/street%20trend?types=group
> <https://thefold.oaeproject.org/search/street%20trend?types=group>*
> *Explore what's to come and register to participate at *
> *https://thefold.marist.edu* <https://thefold.marist.edu/>
> *About Marist*
> Located in New York State's historic Hudson River Valley, with a branch
> campus in Florence, Italy, extension centers throughout New York, and
> educational offerings around the world through its online programs, Marist
> College is a comprehensive, independent institution grounded in the liberal
> arts. Marist educates 5,900 students in 44 undergraduate majors and 12
> graduate programs, including fully online MBA, MPA, MS, and MA degrees and
> is recognized for excellence by *U.S. News & World Report*, The Princeton
> Review, and *Kiplinger's Personal Finance*.
> *About the Apereo Foundation*
> The Apereo Foundation (http://www.apereo.org) was formed by the merger of
> Jasig (http://www.jasig.org) and the Sakai (http://www.sakaiproject.org)
> Foundation in late December 2012. Sakai and Jasig had been pioneers in the
> production and adoption of open source software for higher education for
> over ten years.  Apereo will take that work further, providing a more
> rational and improved organizational umbrella for a range of projects and
> software communities serving higher education. The core mission of the
> Foundation -- to "assist and facilitate educational organizations which
> collaborate to foster, develop, and sustain open technologies and
> innovation to support learning, teaching, and research" -- is discussed,
> along with the rationale for the merger, in more detail in the white paper "The
> Value of a Common Foundation: The Case for Apereo<http://www.apereo.org/value>".
> *About the Open Academic Environment (OAE) Project*
> The Open Academic Environment (OAE) supports learning and scholarship
> above the institutional layer by facilitating networks of content, people,
> and their collaborative activities.  The open-source project partners
> currently include University of Cambridge, Georgia Institute of Technology,
> Marist College, ESUP Portail Consortium and Research Professionals.  A
> project overview and blog can be found at: http://www.oaeproject.org
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