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As a reminder, we will be holding our weekly Teaching and Learning call 
today in about an hour, 2 PM Eastern Time (New York).  Dial-in information 
and a link to our etherpad for note taking is at: 

Since we did not have time on the call last week to discuss in any detail 
very early thoughts around a longer-term vision for Sakai, I'd like to 
suggest that we spend time on this topic today.   To provide an initial 
jumping off place for this conversation, I am including a VERY EARLY DRAFT 
of some of the ideas that I have been pondering.  I want to stress that 
these are my own personal ideas and don't reflect any else.  I should also 
note that in putting this together I decided to look to the Learning 
Design Lenses that were developed in 2010 see to what extent they meant 
sense to incorporate.    If you need a reference for the Design Lenses you 
can find details at: 

Outside of this topic, a number of people have asked me to do a demo of 
OAE and some of the pilots we've been running at Marist and I'd like to 
see if we can identify a call when it make sense to do this so I can get 
it on my schedule.

Of course, feel free to bring other agenda items or ideas to the call.


A Strategic Vision for the Next Generation LMS
** DRAFT **

Core Learning Services – Core Learning Services that are (or will be) 
fundamental to teaching and learning
·       Learning and Teaching Management Services
o       Roles and Permissions (Individuals and Groups)
o       Event Messaging/Enterprise Service Bus
o       Data Capture and Secure Sharing
·       User Autonomy and Networking
o       Profiles
o       Personalization
o       Academic Networking
·       User Interface
o       User Experience Framework – Technical and UI specifications which 
are “enforced” by the OS to ensure consistent UX.
·       Openness
o       Open Standards and APIs
o       Interoperability
o       Open Licensing – ability to support use of Creative Commons 
o       Open Educational Resources – ability to integrate with OER 
projects, content, etc. 

Learning Apps – Teaching and Learning tools which are developed 
independently from the Learning OS and which are designed to “run” in any 
compliant Learning OS.
·       Core Learning Apps – Apps deemed by the community as being 
essential to teaching and learning.  These would require strategic 
investment by the community in order to become a viable LMS solution.
o       Content Creation and Use
o       Learning Activities
o       Learning Interactions
o       Assessment and Evaluation
·       External Learning App – These would be developed independent of 
the larger project and easily deployed in Sakai or other complaint LMS. 
Apps could be developed without advanced programming skills.
o       Data Visualization tools
o       Mobile tools
·       Learning App Store – Supported by the Apereo Foundation, this 
would be an online store for individuals and institutions to purchase Apps 
(which would be reviewed and approved before becoming available).  This 
could become a revenue stream for the project if desired.

Learning Cloud – A set of services and infrastructure that would site 
“above the institution” and facilitate sharing, collaboration and 
·       Instructional Content Repository
·       Pedagogical Best Practices
·       Research Learning Record Store
·       Academic Networking

Joshua Baron
Senior Academic Technology Officer
Marist College
Poughkeepsie, New York  12601
(845) 575-3623 (work)
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