[Portfolio] Summary of some points from today's T&L meeting

Neal Caidin neal.caidin at apereo.org
Wed Dec 17 18:52:53 PST 2014

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Hey everyone,

I didn't too great a job with the notes from today's meeting, so I thought
I would send a few highlights to the lists.

1) STEP (Samigo Test Enhancement Project) -  we could use volunteers for
ANY phase. you don't have to volunteer for all phases (which we understand
can be a bigger commitment than many have time for.)  The phases (and
target dates) are:

   1. *Discovery Phase* (now through early January): The working group will
   review existing feature requests, jiras, and unmerged patches to determine
   the scope of the STEP effort and decide which items will be targeted for

   1. *Vendor Selection* (January-February 2015): Developers and/or Sakai
   Commercial Affiliates will have an opportunity to bid on the development
   work outlined by the STEP working group.

   1. *Development and QA Process* (March-May 2015): The development,
   testing, and merging of features will take place during this window.

   1. *Showcase STEP Improvements* (June 2015): We plan to showcase the new
   Samigo features developed through STEP at the Open Apereo Conference in
   early June.

   1. *New Samigo Features Included in Sakai* (Summer or Fall 2015):
   Completed project work will be included in the Core Sakai Community
   Release. The timing of this is dependent upon the overall Sakai QA and
   release timeline.

       (sorry about all the 1.'s)

We have been getting some people stepping up to help with the Discovery
Phase and QA testing/review (though we can always use more, without a
doubt).  We really need at least one or two people for the Vendor selection
phase (who are not closely associated with one of the Sakai commercial
affiliates, since that is who we plan to ask for bids).

2) LEAP - we are getting close to finalizing the wireframes with Espress
Labs. We hope to do that this week. Then we can get developer estimates
after the holidays and get started. yeah!  We will probably do something
fairly modest so we can get it into Sakai 11, then we probably will do
additional work to get into a later release (depends on things like money
and time :-) ). We will keep you posted.

3) Sakai 11 - Morpheus (responsive design) is rocking!  Looks like it will
be turned on in trunk next week!  I will be working with developers to come
up with a test plan and a few dates for some short, but concentrated
testing early in 2015.  Stay tuned! The idea is that if we pick a date when
developers are available and lots of QA testers are available we can push
quickly on finding and fixing bugs.  More details to come. Please consider
participating on this super-important test phase for Sakai 11.

4) Open Apereo - we could use more volunteers on Open Apereo. Again, you
don't have to volunteer for the whole planning or program committee, just
for particular tasks will help. For example, we will need facilitators for
some of the sessions at the conference. More immediate need is for people
to help us review presentation proposals as they come in. If you want more
details, email me and I'll connect you with the planning folks so you can

5) Sakai Kickstarter - "FARM" - Funding and Resource Management.  Sometime
near-ish the beginning of the new year I think I'll start creating a
requirements document and ask for RFC (request for comments) from the whole
community (aka everyone).  I'm hoping this will continue a spark that
started (not with me) at the 2014 Open Apereo Conference. Ideally we will
find some leadership to push this forward.  I can provide more details on
the vision for those interested.

6) Next T&L meeting will be after the holidays.  Please send your agenda
items to me or Gail Hunger or Trisha Gordon. We will remind you again :-) .

More to come.

Happy Holidays!
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