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Hello Kurosch

OSP has been a continually evolving project. Some tools have flourished over time and other tools have been fully or partially "retired." The OSP matrix, forms, portfolios, portfolio templates, and glossary all work fine in Sakai 2.9 and Sakai 10. 

The tools you list in your message are either partially or fully "retired" at this point. They had a purpose in prior versions of Sakai but are no longer fully functional. I suggest that you focus on the tools that are working well at this point.

OSP Help has been revised and can be accessed on line via Sakai 10. If you do not have Sakai 10 installed, you can find the draft versions of OSP Help for the tools that currently function in Sakai 10 by going to https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/OSP/OSP+2.6+Help+Volunteer+Sign-up.

I hope you find this information helpful.


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I hope this mailing list is not dead! 
I have a few questions about some not so well documented OSP tools. 
What are the following tools supposed to do: 
[] osp.exposedmatrix - Exposed OSP Matrix 
[] osp.exposedwizard - Exposed OSP Wizard 
[] osp.guidance.sample - Guidance Sample 
[] osp.synoptic - Synoptic 
[] osp.wizard - Wizards 
Best regards, 

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