[Portfolio] Form not rendering textarea correctly on one instance of Sakai 2.9

Sean Keesler sean.keesler at threecanoes.com
Wed May 22 19:27:57 PDT 2013

I am working with one school who has an issue with a pretty normal
portfolio form. We developed the schema in 2.8 and tested it on another 2.9
instance (one of the qa server and it renders fine in both instances.
However, when imported to this particular 2.9 instance, it breaks.

The precise problem is that text fields that should render as text areas
render the text area "wrong"...

Where our test instances render the text area with an opening and closing
text area tag (e.g. <textarea> </textarea>) their instance renders it as a
single self-closing tag (e.g. <textarea/>). The result of this is that the
rest of the HTML after this <textarea/> tag appears in the text area in the
browser. No submit other fields, no submit buttons....

It seems that their formFieldCreate.xslt was different than ours...so I
asked them to replace their version of the file with ours, which they
did...and  we can verify that the file IS identical to our version of the
file now. However, the form STILL renders wrong.

Is there anything needed after replacing the default renderers? Are they
cached somewhere? Can anyone think of a reason why the transformer would
kick out a single tag instead of two?

Sean Keesler
326 Stone Quarry Rd
Ithaca, NY 14850
sean.keesler at threecanoes.com
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