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Subject: [DG: Teaching & Learning] Now open! Call for proposals for 2013 Apereo Conference (Jasig and Sakai)
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Inaugural Apereo Foundation Conference
Opening Minds to Open Solutions
June 2-7, 2013
San Diego Westin - San Diego, CA
Visit https://www.concentra-cms.com/cfp/p/apereo13 
Deadline for Proposals: March 4, 2013
Mark your calendars, set aside your beach towel, and get ready to share your success stories at our first Apereo conference in San Diego, CA!  If you haven't heard the news, Jasig and Sakai, two of the pioneers of open source software in higher education, have consolidated into a newly-formed organization called the Apereo Foundation. We invite you to submit a proposal to this year's conference!
Come to learn about – and share your experience with – the Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment to support a variety of approaches to teaching and learning; uPortal to present a unified view of campus services; CAS to offer single sign-on to multiple online resources; or Bedework to deliver a robust calendaring solution. Engage with the dreamers and designers of uMobile, a framework for innovative mobile solutions.  See the latest release and contribute to the vision of the Sakai Open Academic Environment, a next-generation approach to promote effective learning, teaching and research online. Share your successes on, and ask your peers about, raising campus awareness and ultimately adoption of open initiatives through "The 2-3-98 Project."
We welcome your proposals. Don't forget, the deadline for submissions is March 4, 2013.  Share your great work with the community and spark new developments through a track presentation, showcase night demo, or birds of a feather event. 
The Apereo conference in San Diego is a global networking point for practitioners. There will be opportunities during and around the conference for meeting, sharing, and learning from others in our global community. Join us in Opening Minds to Open Solutions!
We look forward to your proposal.
Ian Dolphin, Executive Director, Apereo Foundation
Patty Gertz, Associate Director, Apereo Foundation
Jim Helwig, Planning Committee Chair
Alan Regan, Program Committee Chair
·         Submit Proposal: https://www.concentra-cms.com/cfp/p/apereo13 
·         Sakai CLE: http://sakaiproject.org/sakai-cle 
·         Sakai OAE: http://sakaiproject.org/welcome-sakai-oae 
·         Bedework: http://www.jasig.org/bedework 
·         CAS: http://www.jasig.org/cas 
·         uMobile: http://www.jasig.org/umobile 
·         uPortal: http://www.jasig.org/uportal 
·         2-3-98: http://www.jasig.org/2-3-98 


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