[Portfolio] Open Meeting at Educause on Portfolios for the Future of Sakai

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Mon Nov 5 08:15:11 PST 2012

Hello Sakai Portfolio Community,

A project has formed around the concept of Portfolios for the Future of Sakai. We will hold our first open meeting at Educause in Denver this coming week on Thursday, November 8, from 10:30 AM to 12 noon in the Welton Room of the Westin Denver Downtown Hotel, 1672 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO, 80202, a few blocks from the Denver convention center. All interested institutions are invited to participate in the open meeting. Ian Dolphin of the Sakai Foundation will be attending.

Three institutions along with Three Canoes LLC have organized to form the initial project. We seek additional partners to build on what we successfully accomplish in our first effort. Montreal MATI in association with HEC Montreal (University of Montreal) has created a comprehensive application that represents the best of the current Open Source Portfolio functionality. Montreal MATI's new portfolio functionality is suitable for LTI integration with either Sakai OAE or Sakai CLE. Kyoto University with the help of Three Canoes has kicked-off a project to explore the potential of the Montreal MATI functionality for use in Sakai and will launch a pilot in March 2013 using this functionality to provide an assessment and showcase portfolio for its new Shishukan graduate program. Virginia Tech is participating in the project in anticipation of a possible second pilot of the Montreal functionality in the near future.

Many of you have taken part in discussions of how best to include portfolio functionality in Sakai OAE. Others of you are fully invested in using the current portfolio tools in the Sakai CLE. Our project charting the future of portfolios in Sakai holds significant meaning for both groups.If you are able to join us at Educause in Denver, please do. If you cannot participate in our first open meeting, but are interested in knowing more about our project or are a potential contributor to the project, please let us know.

We plan to establish a Sakai Confluence page to keep you informed of our progress. The vitality open source community depends upon your participation in such efforts. A small group of institutions cannot do it alone. Please consider joining us!


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