[Portfolio] Reminder: Portfolio Visioning Meeting Today, 4-5 PM EST (U.S. and Canada)

janice.smith janice.smith at threecanoes.com
Tue Jan 24 06:59:50 PST 2012

Hello OSP Community,

At 4-5 PM EST (U.S. and Canada) today, we will hold our first Portfolio Visioning Meeting of the new year. 

Phone Bridge: +1 812 856 7060
 Conference Code: 225713# (enter this code when prompted to "Enter the number you wish to dial")


1) Communication with OAE Project Leaders: Brief update on portfolio community communication and liaisons to the OAE project with information on productive ways of providing our input.

2) Ongoing Organization and Meeting Schedule for the Portfolio Visioning Process: Brief discussion of leadership, collaboration with the Sakai Teaching and Learning Community, and portfolio visioning goals for the next six months.

3) Consideration of a More Effective Plan for OAE Input: Mapping needs from our visioning group's Portfolio Scenarios Analysis to the OAE Road Map.

 We recognize that not everyone has time to devote to the visioning process but encourage those of you who cannot join us to post your thoughts to the portfolio list.

Please consider joining us today at 4 PM EST.


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Three Canoes LLC
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