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We have experienced a problem that may or may not  be related.  If a user has more than one form open in the same browser (in different windows or tabs), the wrong form ID can be written to the database (depending on which form was saved most recently). So, it looks like data has been lost, but in reality, the user is seeing a different form instance when they attempt to access their content.  I tracked this problem down by going into the user's Portfolio Interactions folder and tracking down the saved form instances for that particular site and page.  If there are multiple instances, open each one to see if any contain the "lost" data.  If so, the form ID can be corrected in the DB.

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Hi everyone,
We have a student who is trying to add content (mostly text) to subpages within her portfolio. She said that she  added content to each of 5 subpages attached to a page by editing a subpage, adding content, updating the page, saving and exiting out of the portfolio. This was the only way she could find to avoid bug errors. She had completed all the subpages, checking each one after saving. Then she logged out of the portfolio and her account, logged back in and all her subpages were blank again. Nothing was saved.

Has anyone see this behavior before? We are on Sakai Any suggestions would be appreciated as this student is already late to turn in her work for the semester.

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