[Portfolio] QA Testing and Test Scripts for Sakai 2.9

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That sounds like a win to me.  I've never much liked trying to edit a confluence page at the same time as someone else!  Something bad almost always happens!


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Subject: [Portfolio] QA Testing and Test Scripts for Sakai 2.9

Hi everyone,

QA Testing for Sakai 2.9 will begin shortly and I wanted to make a suggestion related to test scripts.  Currently, all of the OSP (and most Sakai scripts) live in  Confluence, which does not support concurrent page editing.  At IU, we've moved all of our test scripts over to Google docs—specifically Google Spreadsheets. I've put together a sample workbook to give you an idea of what this looks like


The first worksheet/tab is a list of tasks and/or scripts that need to be tested.  Testers add their name to this sheet to volunteer for particular testing tasks.  The task sheet tells testers where to go for more information (usually as detailed test script).  The scripts themselves (remaining tabs) have columns where each tester can add their name and track their own results.    If more than one tester is working with the same script, they can input their results without stepping on eachother's toes.  We also encourage testers to correct and/or update the scripts as they work their way through them.  This approach has worked very well for us (our testers found working with the Google spreadsheet much easier than Confluence), and I was wondering whether we might consider moving the OSP scripts over to Google docs.  My colleague Andrea Schmidt can take the lead on this if everyone is amenable.  Feel free to express your thoughts on list and then perhaps we can reach a decision at Monday's meeting.


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