[Portfolio] getting current user's userId

Ackerman, Erica ericaack at umich.edu
Thu May 12 08:31:38 PDT 2011

It sounds like what you are looking for is present in the metadata of each form and viewed portfolio. In forms you want:

/formView/formData/artifact/metadata/repositoryNode/owner/id or eid

In a completed portfolio, you are looking for:

/ospiPresentation//artifact/metadata/repositoryNode/owner/id or eid

In a completed portfolio, the metadata will be available for each artifact, rather than once for the portfolio as a whole.

Let me know if you are really looking for something else.


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Hi All,

I'm attempting to develop a new gallery rendering page and I find that I need to be able to access the current user's my workspace.  I think I can do this if I can know their user id.  Does any one know of a way to get this without having to ask the user for their id?

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