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Just a note, some of you may already have seen this post, but this was a 
follow up based on our discussion in the OSP community call this past 
Monday. Mathieu posted this to the two mail lists, but I wanted to share 
it with the portfolio group. I do hope we can raise some new awareness 
that this is an important issue that I know we would like to see get 

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Dear fellow Sakaigers,

The use of Mac computers on our campus has grown dramatically over the 
last few years, and as a result many faculty and students would like to 
be able to use the Safari browser when using Sakai. The popularity of 
all iOS devices which rely on Safari also makes a case for making Sakai 
compatible with Sakai. Many features do work successfully in Sakai on 
this browser, but unfortunately there are several instances where 
unexpected behavior can occur and so we are compelled to warn our users, 
and request that Safari not be used with Sakai.

Similarly, Chrome has recently been rated as the third most used browser 
behind Internet Explorer and Firefox. Since Chrome, Safari, and many 
mobile device browsers are based on the Webkit engine, once we make one 
of them compliant, we may find that it is relatively easy to make Sakai 
work with others. [1]

This is not the first time that such a call to action has circulated 
on-list, but we believe that it is time to rethink our Firefox-centric 
approach, not only for Sakai OAE, but for the 2.x branches as well.

Any thoughts or progress on these fronts?

[1] http://gs.statcounter.com/#browser-na-monthly-201003-201103


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