[Portfolio] Sakai LA Session on Building an Open Source Community that Works! - Wednesday 9:45-11 AM, San Francisco room

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Tue Jun 14 22:02:46 PDT 2011

Creating an Open Source Community that Works!
Panel with Anthony Whyte, Stephen Marquard, Lynn Ward, Chris Maurer, Debbie Runshe, and Janice Smith
Wednesday, June 15, 9:45-11 AM, San Francisco room

A panel of Sakai and Open Source Portfolio community members will share information about how the many communities within and across Sakai welcome new members, share information with others, design and code Sakai innovations, coordinate efforts in QA and bug fixing, work communally on special projects, market our software, offer training opportunities, work together at conferences, collaborate with other communities, and plan for future functionality. The panel will conclude with a discussion of what makes open source communities work. We invite others to join us in considering effective strategies for creating and sustaining community. This session is for anyone wanting to know more about open source community building. Outcomes include better understanding of strategies for building community, deeper consideration of what makes community work, and problem-solving skills for open source communities facing specific challenges.
Join us!

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