[Portfolio] Remaining Critical OSP Jira Issues

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Mon Feb 7 11:29:49 PST 2011

  Hello Alan Berg and the OSP Community
 This morning on the OSP Community weekly call, we discussed remaining critical OSP Jira issues in preparation for the release of Sakai 2.8. Our decisions are as follows:
 SAK-19878 – Downgraded to Major. Reassign to OSP Jira Team. Not easy to fix. SAK-12433 introduced this issue for version 2.6 in December 2007. OSP tools do not implement the fix from that closed ticket. We have been living with this issue without major complaints for a while. We may adjust the workflow to create duplicates of OSP data structures for now and will reconsider the issue for a future release.
 SAK-19881 – Keep as Critical. A new assignee will investigate and further define the issue. The OSP Community does not consider this issue a blocker for the 2.8 release.
 SAK-19837 – Downgraded to Major. Targeted for 2.8.1 release. No handy solution available at present. Needs more research.
 SAK-19714 – Downgraded to Major. Re-investigate for 2.8.1. Not an easy fix. Guidance is a separate entity from Wizards. If guidance has already been saved, wizard won’t/can’t cancel. Reversing behavior could cause problems.
 SAK-19184 – Keep as critical. Our highest priority in the time remaining before the 2.8 release. The OSP Community does not consider this issue to be a blocker for the 2.8 release.

 SAK-18344 – Keep as critical. Not targeted at all for 2.8. The OSP Community does not consider this issue to be a blocker for the 2.8 release.
 Thanks to Alan for working collaboratively with us as we approach the 2.8 release!

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