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Noah Botimer botimer at umich.edu
Sat Dec 10 07:13:56 PST 2011

Hi Dave,

The form content is actually saved as files in Resources / Content Hosting (content_resource and the file body). Depending on where it gets used (Matrix, Wizard, Presentation), it may be associated in another table (osp_presentation_item, osp_wiz_page_form [for both kinds of cells]). This association is based on the "artifact ID", which corresponds to content_resource.resource_uuid (not resource_id, which is the primary key and corresponds to the URL).

If you need to get to the rendered form of an artifact once you have its resource_id, you can check out /access/metaobj/content/<resource_id>. If you need the raw XML, you can omit metaobj in that URL. If you are viewing as an admin, you won't need to do anything special, but note that users like reviewers may not be able to use those URLs -- the content gets authorized through the presentation or whatever else as you would see in the links in the reviewer UI (/access/ospMatrix/....). If you are storing resources in the database or have access to the filesystem, you could retrieve the XML without going through the web.

I know this is a bit of a flood of information, but it should get you on the right track. Good luck!


On Dec 9, 2011, at 3:00 PM, David McPherson wrote:

> Hi Portfolio Folks,
> I'm here with Mike in Bethesda, MD with Mike and we're working on a report for their system.  We're looking to see where a filled out form is stored in the DB or the file systems and we're hoping that someone can help.  Does any one know where those filled out files might be stored?
> Thanks,
> Dave
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