[Portfolio] Narrative of Portfolio Setup

Robin Hill Hill at uwyo.edu
Tue Nov 30 21:18:02 PST 2010

Sakai Portfolio Group:

I have gone through the entire portfolio creation, publication, completion, and evaluation process (playing all the roles), and kept a narrative of it, with screenshots, code, and so forth.  I hope that this might help new people who want to explore the possibilities.

You can see it here:  https://wyosakai.uwyo.edu/access/content/user/hill/FlatPattPort/FlatPatPortNarrative.html

This document is not a help file, but rather a guide for a someone who wants get his or her hands dirty, as you will see.  We might want to consider its proper place.  Meanwhile, I would appreciate comments and corrections on this draft, especially toward the end, where it gets rough and sketchy.

P.S.  Portfolio Reports Sub-Group:  I may be late to the conference call tomorrow, as my office space only opens at that time.

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