[Portfolio] Displaying the new portfolio -- all I get is XML

Rob Tanner rtanner at linfield.edu
Thu Nov 18 16:56:06 PST 2010


Still working on my first portfolio project.  I¹m able to build simple forms
in Oxygen and import them and I¹m able to attach them to cells in a matrix,
etc.  I¹m able to build a template and then use that template to construct a
portfolio.  All in all, I think I have a good grasp on the fundamentals,
except for one area.  When I go to look at the end result, all I see is xml
and the only xsl stylesheet  I¹ve been introduced to is the passthrough.xsl
stylesheet (hence the xml).  Basically, how to build an xslt stylesheet to
go from xml to xhtml to view what I¹m doing in a browser still baffles me.

I went to openedpractices.org hoping to find a complete example including an
xsl stylesheet to do the transformation, something I can use as a starting
point.  Can anyone point me to a complete example (maybe share what they¹ve


Rob Tanner
JAVA Developer
Linfield College, McMinnville Oregon

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