[Portfolio] TWSIA - Teaching with Sakai Innovations Award

Susan Roig Susan.Roig at cgu.edu
Wed May 12 13:44:09 PDT 2010

Greetings to all, 

TWSIA, the Teaching with Sakai Innovations Award winners will be presenting their course at the conference.  1st and 2nd place as keynotes and Honorable Mentions after, during a concurrent sessions.  We would like to lecture capture these two events to have the speaker filmed but also presentation of materials, usually PowerPoint, be included; to have this archived for reference after the conference truly highlighting the exemplary teaching being done.  

To do this we would like to use a product such as MediaSite, Tegrity or Echo360.  Any of these product would allow us to capture video, presentation and audio, archive presentation and convert presentation to various formats for use as podcast, videocast or other media formats.

The TWSIA committee would like to ask the Sakai community if any Sakai School have this technology and would be willing to let us use the technology to record the Keynote on Wednesday morning and the con-current session after scheduled in Highlands.  We have the microphones and camera already available.

If this is possible please contact me at susan.roig at cgu.edu or Kate Ellis kdellis at indiana.edu  .

Thank you for your attention

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