[Portfolio] SAK-13728 show whether a reflect has been done in a matrix cell

Holladay, Bryan Andrew bahollad at indiana.edu
Wed Mar 24 08:42:29 PDT 2010

Chris and I looked at the patch and thought it looks good.  There is one thing we would propose is to have uniformity with the icons inside the "ViewCell" page.  This way, all evaluations show up as checkmarks and the reflections show up as magnifying glasses, making it uniform throughout a user's experience.


On 3/24/10 11:21 AM, "Beth Kirschner" <bkirschn at umich.edu> wrote:

Hi all,

    Aaron Zeckoski has attached a patch for http://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAK-13728
  that looks worthwhile for inclusion in Sakai 2.8 -- please take a
look and we can discuss at next week's osp conference call.

- Beth

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