[Portfolio] [sakai-kernel] UMICH Sakai 3 plans

Beth Kirschner bkirschn at umich.edu
Mon Mar 15 09:08:41 PDT 2010

Hi all,

    The University of Michigan is also looking at Sakai 3 portfolio  
development. During March 2010, MPortfolio will be prototyping our  
“expressive portfolio” model within Sakai 3. The goal of this exercise  
is to gain experience and assess functionality in the Sakai 3  
environment.  If you have questions about this work, please contact eportteam at umich.edu 

- Beth

On Mar 15, 2010, at 9:31 AM, Stephen Marquard wrote:

> Hi all,
> Not sure exactly which lists cover the Sakai 3 community, but this  
> seems a good start.
> UCT is firming up a strategy for our Sakai 3 deployment, which is:
> * To deploy Sakai 3 as an independent parallel system to our Sakai 2  
> instance (Vula) by December 2010, primarily aimed at early adopters  
> who wish to explore functionality not well addressed in Sakai 2.
> * If all goes well, to migrate Vula to Sakai 3 (probably running in  
> hybrid mode with Sakai 2 for some tools) in December 2011 in time  
> for the 2012 academic year.
> For our medium-term work on Sakai 3, we plan to identify and explore  
> several aspects of functionality. On the table so far is:
> 1. Using Sakai to support freeform portfolios (with our first use  
> case being a postgrad course taught in our department)
> 2. Exploring integration with cloud apps (relevant as UCT is  
> exploring a move to cloud-hosted email which could also entail apps  
> suites such as Google Apps or Microsoft Live)
> We will share more details of how we aim to do this and contribute  
> to the Sakai 3 projects as plans evolve. So far we anticipate our  
> involvement being more on the design and UX side than kernel  
> development side.
> Regards
> Stephen
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