[Portfolio] [Management] Deprecating reports and warehouse tools.

Zaldivar, Marc mzaldiva at vt.edu
Mon Mar 15 05:18:12 PDT 2010

Could someone at IU comment on this part?  What is your warehousing solution?  Or, do you just report directly from the Sakai dbase?

Thanks John!  Thant helped clarify a lot.


On 3/12/10 3:28 AM, "Clay Fenlason" <khomotso at gmail.com> wrote:

> The reports tool on the other hand was an attempt to create a reporting infrastructure to make reports within Sakai that could have some level of parameterization and sharing capabilities.  Depending on what you want to report on warehousing may or may not be necessary.  That's probably why IU can use reports independently of the warehouse, or they have another warehouse solution.

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