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Josh Baron Josh.Baron at marist.edu
Wed Mar 10 10:13:04 PST 2010


The T&L Group just ended it's weekly call and wanted to report out the 
work plan for the coming week in case some folks missed the call.

We are at a point now where we are ready to being our "gap analysis" which 
will allow us to identify and fill gaps in the learning capabilities that 
came from our earlier brainstorming session.  We've decided to being the 
gap analysis by focusing on the "Learning Space Design and Management" 
theme or "lens".  For those interest in participating in this process, you 
should access the "2LS" worksheet in the Learning Capability spreadsheet 
and being to review each of the capabilities listed.  If you identify a 
gap, scroll to the bottom and add it below the red line.  Please add an 
"unique identifier" in the first column using the syntax of "LSGAP001, 
LSGAP002, etc." so that we can track these as we move them around later 

In addition to this gap analysis work, we want to also work on refining 
the Learning Space Design and Management theme/lens that we developed 
during the Virtual Working Sessions.  If you are interested in doing this 
work, go to the "7 Lenses/Themes" worksheet and add a row below the 
current definition and then record any additions/edits in that row.

Next week's call will be dedicated primarily to reviewing this work.


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