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I was responsible for the LEARNING & TEACHING MANAGEMENT section of this process.  I believe I cited everything correctly however I would appreciate a review to make sure.  Thank you

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For those of us who committed to putting citations into the Learning Design Lenses spreadsheet, I just wanted to remind us all that we wanted to complete this by today so that David and others can work to move our "version 1.0" release into Confluence on Monday.  If you've already done your work it might be useful to reply back to note that with everyone.  If you have not done it yet, you may want to note that Wikipedia has a nice "citation tool" in the "Tool Box" area off the left side of each page that will give you pre-formatted citations.  It appears that folks who have already enter their citations are using the MLA style. 

For my part, I've entered citations for the Social Interaction lenses so that one is ready. 


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