[Portfolio] Decorated URL's for attached portfolio files (SAK-16203)

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Wed Jul 28 13:50:43 PDT 2010

This is latest version of the portfolio template and matrix. Just want to
make sure you get the latest version.




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     It is hard to really resolve the permission issue, when trying to use
the file attached to the form. Out past experiences told us the file
attached to the form is hard to be public viewable. However, there are
always ways for this, I guess.


    Instead of attaching file to the form, we often attach file to the
matrix, then incorporating the matrix to the portfolio. The file is then
public viewable.


   In terms of usability, the efficiency attaching multiple files to the
matrix is much faster than attaching files to the form. 


About tool ID, page ID. 


    <xsl:param name="id"/>

    <xsl:param name="mode" select="'view'"/>

    <xsl:param name="page"/>                       

<xsl:param name="sakai.tool.placement.id"/>   

<xsl:variable name="sitepath">




Then use it like the following for an image:


    <xsl:attribute name="href"><xsl:value-of select="
concat(normalize-space($sitepath), $sakai.tool.placement.id,
'/viewPresentation.osp?1=1&amp;id=', $id, '&amp;page=',



The reason for us to use PageID is because the image loading efficiency. If
we put all images in one page. It will make the page loading very slow. By
dividing images to different pages, it can improve the image loading



However, there is an issue about using PageID. for example this:





With PageID, it makes the portfolio not public viewable. The likely reason
might be because the public portfolio URL is 


d51af5d0902> &sakai.tool.placement.id=7a358da0-fc03-46d1-bc51-fd51af5d0902


You can find there is not PageID in the public viewable portfolio URL


This issue should be fixed in the future.


I attached the portfolio template and matrix. If you can import the matrix
and portfolio template. You might be able to make a portfolio with the looks
similar to this one:   

















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Subject: Re: [Portfolio] Decorated URL's for attached portfolio files


We could easily add the site id to be dumped out in the xml if it's not
available in any other way.




On Jul 28, 2010, at 8:04 AM, Sean Keesler wrote:


I'm trying to get an image that a user attaches to a form to appear in
public portfolios. The url provided in the passthrough XML is not a public
url and so must be decorated with security advisor info to allow it to be
seen. Chuck posts a suggested workaround in SAK-16203:

It isn't elegant, but I've fixed this in the XSL file by prefixing the
advisor to the URL. The data is all there. The two magic numbers are the
site ID, which is fixed for a given portfolio, and the portfolio ID, which
is a parameter $id. It uglifies the XSL file somewhat, but this approach
seems to work. 

The link to a public portfolio includes the "id" and
"sakai.tool.placement.id <http://sakai.tool.placement.id/> " in the query
string and can be captured as parameters in the xsl, but the site id is not
provided in the query string nor in the passthrough XML.

Can anyone suggest a means to get the site ID to do as Chuck suggests?


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