[Portfolio] xsltcharon portal changes

John Bush john.bush at rsmart.com
Thu Jul 22 15:24:24 PDT 2010

I'm been committing a bunch of bugs and 2 small features we've been
running for years in the xsltcharon portal area.  There are probably a
few more.  Hopefully I'm not stepping on process here.  The changes
are really small and low risk, and like I said we've been running in
production for awhile.

SAK-18830 - xsltcharon portal includes aop and cg libs, this can't
cause startup classpath errors in some environments depending on
SAK-18792 - NPE in Tool Rendering for Tools with Multiple CGI Parameters
SAK-18829 - xsltcharon doesn't expose view as another user data in xml
SAK-13115 - directtool links to xsl-portal take user to /portal

Features (if you want to call them that)
SAK-10771 - add site id to site map in skinnable portal
SAK-18831 - add configuration option to turn tool categories off in
xslt charon portal

If I should be going through some process and you want to slap me, let
me know.  Otherwise I'll probably keep digging for more bug fixes in
this area and commit at will.

John Bush

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