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Well, a form allows you to do exactly that...provide guidance and/or starter text that a student would fill out and save.I'm not necessarily proposing any new functionality, but asking if anyone has gotten a reaction to this approach.

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Our School of Education is using TaskStream (the rest of the university is using Sakai). Their reason was that TaskStream allows the students to download lesson plan forms and complete them easily and uniformly. There is definitely an interest in this functionality at our institution. 
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Many programs have "key assessments" that faculty envision as having a 
special role in portfolios for different audiences. 
For example, a School of Education is likely to ask students to design 
lesson plans, try them in the classroom and then analyze/reflect on 
the experience. 
A series of lesson plans is something that is useful to hold up as 
evidence of student learning for program assessment, a useful teaching 
a learning experience and as a showcase piece for a resume-like 
portfolio. One document type with multiple uses. 
The typical course instructor will probably create assignments in 
their classes requiring students to create these special artifacts, 
but if they are turned in as Word, PDF or other form of document 
attachment, they are not readily available as portfolio content. 
(well...that isn't true...you could attach files to your 
portfolios...but it might be nice to render them as HTML...) 
If faculty were able to agree on a consistent (across the program) 
format for a form that would represent that type of special assessment 
and REQUIRE students to turn in work by filling out a form (instead of 
attaching a .doc or .pdf), multiple templates could be created that 
would anticipate and nicely display those documents for different 
purposes. Custom view renderers could make it more "professional" than 
the default renderer might. When added to a portfolio, the document 
contents could be styled like the rest of the portfolio. 
Has anyone asked students to attach form instances to assignments? Any 
pros? cons? 
Sean Keesler 
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