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I'm following up with some additional details on the Sakai Teaching and 
Learning Virtual Working Session scheduled for February 4th and 5th (NEXT 
WEEK). Although this is primarily for those who have signed up to 
participate, I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anyone so I'm sending 
this out to the larger list.

First, if you are low on time and can only do one thing, please let me 
know by Monday morning at the latest if you cannot participate.  We need 
to finalize our plans and knowing who can participate will be critical do 
doing this in advance of the meeting.

Moving on....

The T&L group met this week and finalized some of the last details for the 
Virtual Working Session. There is a good deal here to update you on so 
I'll just list out each one at a time.  PLEASE REVIEW THESE DETAILS 
CAREFULLY as there is important information you need to be aware of if you 
plan to contribute.

(1) AGENDA > We have finalized the agenda for the first part of Day One 
(2/4) with the plan that we will flesh out the rest of the agenda during 
the session (although we do have a draft agenda planning site that 
outlines both days).  The updated agenda is as follows:

DAY ONE (2/4/2010 12 Noon EST to 7 PM EST)
12 - 12:30 PM EST: Full Group - Welcome, Introductions and Review of Goals 
and Objectives

12:30 - 2 PM EST: Team-based Work - Each team (see below) will review the 
current set of Themes and Activity Workflows (see 
with the following tasks:
(1) Review and discuss current definitions and identify changes, 
additions, etc.
(2) Identify Themes/Workflows that could be consolidated or grouped as 
"sub-themes/workflows" under other themes/workflows.
(3) Identify which themes/workflows are "fundamental" or core to 
supporting learning capabilties
[NOTE:  If you are new to these discussions don't worry if these tasks 
aren't clear, we'll be clarifying them]

2 - 3 PM EST: Full Group - Report out from Teams and Discussion to reach 

3 - 3:15 PM EST:  BREAK

3:15 PM - 3:30 PM EST: Regroup and prioritize next tasks for remaining 

(2) TEAM ASSIGNMENTS > We have put together four teams and have assigned 
folks to each team to help us organize a bit before the meeting starts. 
Each team has a "lead" who is simply someone who has been active in the 
discussions up until this point and thus can provide historical background 
and answer basic questions that might surface regarding process, etc.  The 
list of teams is below.

(3) TECHNOLOGY >  We will be using a web conferencing system called iLinc 
(supported by Marist College) which will allow us to "meet" initially as a 
large group but then break people into teams and provide private group 
areas for smaller team work.  IU's phone conferencing system will be 
available for the smaller groups to support the audio portion.  Specifics 
on how to connect up and phone numbers to use will be provided next week.

QUESTION:  The phone numbers will be TOLL numbers and thus some folks may 
incur long distance charges.  If this is a problem for anyone please let 
me know ASAP and we can arrange for VoIP-based conferencing as well.

(4) "RAMP UP" SESSIONS > A number of folks who have not been able to 
actively participate to date have expressed interest in "ramp up" sessions 
prior to the meeting to help get prepared.  We will be providing one Ramp 
Up Session during the first part of our usual Wednesday call at 12 Noon 
EST on 2/3 and are also able to offer another session on Thursday prior to 
either does let me know some times that do and we'll try and arrange for a 
one-on-one session.

Lynn Ward (Lead)
Mathieu Plourde
Michael Feldstein
Amber D. Evans 
Marc Zaldivar 

David Goodrum (Lead)
Salwa Khan
Kim Eke
Kate Monahan
Max Whitney

Robin Hill (Lead)
Rita Pavolka
Jacques Raynauld 
Dave McPherson
Teggin Summers
Philip Uys (From AUS, may not be able to participate)

Janice Smith (Lead)
Ken Romeo
Kate Ellis
Eddie Watson 
Nancy O'Laughlin
Beth Kirschner

FLOATER/FACILITATOR: Josh Baron (I'll be bouncing between groups to help 

Joshua Baron
Director, Academic Technology and eLearning
Marist College
Poughkeepsie, New York  12601
(845) 575-3623 (work)
Twitter: JoshBaron
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