[Portfolio] [Building Sakai] Feedback on SAK-17351

Noah Botimer botimer at umich.edu
Sun Jan 17 16:32:58 PST 2010

Hello Charise,

We discussed this issue at last week's call and came to a pretty  
comfortable understanding of the topic. Specific to the items listed  

   1) Matrices should be copied by reference only. We could not name  
a real scenario where a full copy was desirable and it is a very  
complex proposition.

   2) Generally, items should be copied by reference. This seems to  
have the most expected / explainable behavior. [More below]

   3) Additional content like comments, metadata, and possibly most  
importantly, the Options form should be portfolio-specific. In the  
case of the Options form, a new form should be created with the  
contents of the original.

An important detail here is around the notion of copying forms. We  
think that it's quite important in some cases (in presentations as  
well as some other scenarios) but it's essentially impossible to  
predict when desired. It's worth more discussion to figure out where  
and how we might expose a way for a user to duplicate a form with its  
contents intact. We did want to check with your team to spell out the  
scenarios most important to you.

We also decided that feature documentation should be completed for  
this since it is a significant addition of functionality. The  
template we have used is in Confluence along with a number of them  
completed for various features:


Is it possible for your team to start a round of this documentation?  
Also, we would welcome you or others to the call to discuss how to  
move this forward.


On Jan 7, 2010, at 7:19 PM, Charise Arrowood wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> As mentioned previously, SAK-17351 is on the Unicon 'Top Votes'  
> list for Cooperative Development.  In summary our next steps is to  
> uncover the specifics, understand the overall goals, plan and then  
> implement.  We have received feedback from our subscribers but  
> would also appreciate additional feedback from others in the Sakai  
> Community.
> As Aaron discusses in the Jira, specific Use cases would be helpful  
> and in particular these questions need to be answered:
> 1) What should happen to a matrix inside a portfolio? It cannot  
> really be copied so should the same one appear in the copy  
> (literally the same, not a copy)
> 2) Should things most be copies or simply links to the origins from  
> the origin template?
> 3) I am guessing any comments or meta information should not be  
> copied from one portfolio to the other (and that the copy should be  
> hidden)
> What other expectations are there of a portfolio copy? What data is  
> expected to be copied and retained from the original?
> If you have comments, thoughts and ideas on the questions above  
> please add them to the Jira, SAK-17351 at http:// 
> jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAK-17351.
> Thanks,  Charise
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