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Hi all,

Thanks for a good discussion on the Monday OSP Community call this past week about proposals for Denver Sakai. My week became complicated due to a routine health procedure (all is well) and I regret not having gotten back to the portfolio list until today. I hope what I have done gives us as a commmunity enough flexibility to participate fully in conference presentations.

This morning I submitted the following four proposals to Denver Sakai on behalf of the OSP Community. Each event has lots of room for community participation. As each institution and vendor clarifies who can participate in the conference (and if these proposals are accepted), we will fill in the presenters accordingly. Please let me know if you are interested in joining other co-presenters for any of these conference events.
Workshop Title: A Showcase of Open Source Portfolio Innovations
 Open Source Portfolio community members will demonstrate and provide instruction for the implementation of the latest innovations involving the portfolio tools in Sakai 2.6 and 2.7, including simplified portfolio templates, enhanced assessment capabilities, and new reporting techniques. Panel members will showcase institutional and vendor enhancements to the portfolio tools, share innovative ways to use newly available portfolio data structures, and provide technical instructions and access to each innovation. 

Workshop Title: Technical Training for Implementing the Portfolio Tools in Sakai
 Open Source Portfolio community members will provide technical training for implementing the portfolio tools in Sakai 2.6 and 2.7, focusing on the development of forms and simple portfolio templates. Participants should have a working understanding of XML, XSL, and XSD, a computer with an XML IDE installed, and a Sakai instance to work on.

Discussion Title: Planning for Portfolio Functionality in Sakai 3.0
 Open Source Portfolio Community members will discuss how work on portfolio "action verbs" has been integrated into planning by the Sakai Teaching and Learning Community for the development of Sakai 3.0. Seven themes have been identified to use in categorizing some 200 learning capabilities (including entries for each portfolio action verb) in preparation for identifying desired user workflows for Sakai 3.0. The OSP Community will discuss how to continue this important collaboration with the Teaching and Learning Community in preparation for Sakai 3.0.

Tech Demo Title: Implementing Portfolios Using Sakai

Three Canoes will join with other Sakai vendors to demonstrate innovative portfolio implementations for K-12 and higher education and share functional and technical strategies for using the portfolio tools in Sakai. 

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