[Portfolio] Create Form "Display Name"

Bryan Holladay holladay at longsight.com
Wed Dec 22 12:43:10 PST 2010

I've been looking for the source of a miscellaneous value that is automatically populating the "Display Name" when creating a form.  I.E., when I go to Edit -> Preview on a form, the "Display Name" field has "fil" automatically populated.  I've looked in the Portfolio Admin site Resources tool at the following files:  formCreate.xslt, contentOverText.xml, formFieldTemplate.xslt, formView.xslt but didn't find anything that would do that.  Is there somewhere else it's pulling this from?  Has anyone seen this before... I know the part of the code that is filling it in is in formCreate.xstlt at:
									<input type="text" id="displayName" name="displayName" maxlength="1024">
										<xsl:attribute name="value">
											<xsl:value-of select="formData/artifact/metaData/displayName" />

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