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Ackerman, Erica ericaack at umich.edu
Thu Dec 16 10:49:30 PST 2010


I have created two sites that can be used for testing the 2.8 release of OSP/Sakai on http://qa3-us.sakaiproject.org:8086/portal/. These are:

*         A project site named "OSP Project Site" that is set up with a Matrix and a Portfolio Template, so that forms can be filled out in the matrix and portfolios built based on those forms. This site has all the users required by the test scripts, including the users for testing groups (http://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/OSP/ST.Script.07.Set-up+groups+in+project+site). Feel free to use this site for playing around with the tools any way you want.

*         A course site named "Slavic 101 01 Fall 2010". This site has users and tools in it (including the Assignments tool), but does not yet have any forms, matrices, or portfolio templates built, since building them is part of the testing for a course site (http://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/OSP/ST.Script.03.Set-up+course+site). This site can be associated with the "OSP Project Site" so that the assignment in the course site can be linked to a matrix cell (http://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/OSP/ST.Script.09.Associate+Course+Site+and+Matrix).

To log into either of these sites as an administrator/instructor, use the Kayla Foster persona (username: kfoster, password kayla). To log in as a student, use any of the following:

*         Username: mdora, password: moreen

*         Username: njarrett, password: newton

*         Username: zmortimer, password: zach
To log in as a teaching assistant (course site) or external evaluator (project site), use username: cowens, password: clay

The project site can also be joined with "access" privileges by anyone.

NOTE: I haven't added wizards to either of the sites, and have not updated the wizards sections of the test scripts. If anyone wants to either add wizards based on the old instructions and import files, or update the instructions, please feel free.

Also note that in the Add/Edit Content page of the Portfolios tool in the "OSP Project Site" site there is a slot for adding an image to the portfolio (the "Photo" slot). To make an image available, just put it in a (public) folder in the user's My Workspace. It will then be available for selection in the Photo "Available Items" drop down of the Add/Edit Content page. You probably only want the image to be about 250px wide.

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