[Portfolio] Note on Today's Sakai Teaching and Learning Call

Josh Baron Josh.Baron at marist.edu
Wed Oct 28 08:28:52 PDT 2009


Although our regular 12 Noon EDT call will be taking place today (see 
call-in information below), I have had a last minute scheduling conflict 
arise as I've been asked to attend an important faculty committee meeting 
(ironically to discuss Sakai) which I can't miss. 

Below is a link to the Google Spreadsheet which was started by David 
Goodrum and which we discussed with Clay Fenlason last week.  The 
spreadsheet contains the beginning effort to map out a "simple learning 
environment" which, as we discussed last week, seems like a good place for 
us to cut our teeth on trying to "attack" the "instructional visioning" 
challenge from at least one direction.  The data that is there now is 
rather "raw" and also needs to be clumped into themes but it represents a 
solid start that we can build on.

For those who can participate this week it would be great if you could 
spend time looking at the spreadsheet and either adding to it or 
discussing how we might begin this work.  If someone could take minutes 
and post them to confluence following the call I would greatly appreciate 

My apologies for the last minute change in my schedule.  I'll be at 
EDUCAUSE next week but plan to participate in the call from there.

Thanks, Josh
p.s. I'll post another note before the end of the week about informally 
meeting up at EDUCAUSE for those who are attending and interested.

(note that it is open to the public).

Calls are currently taking place every Wednesday at 12:00 Noon ET (New 
York, USA).  To participate:

    * Dial 1-888-447-7153 (International callers: 1-719-387-1138)
    * Enter in passcode: 917798 (the hit #)
    * Listen to music until "moderator" starts the call
    * Need help? Call tech support at 1-877-807-0970

Joshua Baron
Director, Academic Technology and eLearning
Marist College
Poughkeepsie, New York  12601
(845) 575-3623 (work)
Twitter: JoshBaron
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